Thursday, May 08, 2003

Now, I began to understand why teachers remain as teachers despite their low income and degrading respect by materialistic society. When we finished our second module to train JKR professionals , a few of them thanked us for opening their eyes to elevate them to the next level of knowledge,undertanding and competence in managing their projects. We even provoked them to re-examine their axioms, premises and assumptions to the brink of ridicules.

I feel grateful and proud( in all humility) to be part of a team that taught the elephants on how to dance. The earth is vibrating when the elephant starts to dance.The rest in ther 'animal' kingdom will follow soon.This is a joy that one gets for being a member of a team that makes a difference. Let's get M.A.D

Only crazy people creates the change. Normal people remains complacent in status quo forever.

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